Why Bulgarian Tribulus



The effectiveness of any dietary supplement is due to its active ingredients. For the Bulgarian tribulus the most common bio-active substances are saponins. These saponins can be FUROSTANOL (protodioscin) saponins or GENERAL (total) saponins.

Most of the pharmacological studies of the Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris show that the furostanol saponins are responsible for many of the pharmacological activities of the plant such as sexual problems.* The furostanol saponins (and NOT the general/total ones) assist in preserving the strength, muscle tone & stamina.

There is a big difference between the furostanol saponins determined as protodioscin, and the general (total) saponins which are common in the Chinese and Indian extracts. Unfortunately, most of the dietary supplements are based on general (total) saponins which do not have the desired effect.